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What is Rosin and Why You Need to Try It

Over the past several years, both rosin and rosin presses have been gaining popularity in the cannabis industry, and for good reason. Don’t let the common nickname of the “every man’s concentrate” fool you though (this term only refers to the accessibility and simplicity of the extraction), rosin is no run of the mill product.

In fact, rosin rivals the potency and purity of some of the most advanced hydrocarbon extracts on the market – without the use of any solvents. What once was a product made in bedrooms and garages with hair straighteners and t-shirt presses has grown into a full-scale manufacturing movement.

So what is rosin exactly? And why has it become so popular in recent memory? The answer is in the details.

What is Rosin?

Although it has been gaining traction over the last five years or so, the concept of extracting cannabinoids through heat and pressure is not a new trend. Different processes of collecting trichomes and applying pressure have been used for thousands of years, however, we are only now refining these processes into pure, clean dabbable products. And high-quality rosin is just that.

Another exciting aspect and big reason why rosin is gaining popularity is its versatility.

Rosin can be made from many types of starting materials, including flower, kief and bubble hash – either dried or fresh frozen.

Couple that with the limitless heat, pressure and timing combinations of a rosin press and you can get some seriously potent and diverse results.

Rosin is also uniquely versatile in the fact that it can be manipulated into almost any type or texture of concentrate. From shatter and sugar to budder and wax, rosin has many adaptability options, making it an awesome product for extraction artists to experiment with.